Talks and Publications


TBD (COVID-19 Related) · 2020 National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference, The Poetics, Politics, and Praxis of Transnational Feminisms · Panel Discussion, “Toxic Poetics: Transnational Feminisms and Scales of Resistance”

TBD (COVID-19 Related) · Toxicity and It’s Afterlives Symposium at University of California, Berkeley · Presentation, “A Product of the Environment: Toxicities in Vehicles of Chemical Transport and Performance of Laboratory Science”


April 2018 · California Institute of Technology · Free Radicals Presentation, “A People’s History of Science”

February 2018 · University of California, Santa Cruz · Free Radicals Presentation, “Research Justice 101: Tools for Feminist Science”


July 2016 · Free Radicals Blog · Article, “Western Pesticide Rush the New East’s Stage as the Iron Curtain Still Falls”


April 2015 · The Student Life · Article, “Pussy Riot Draws Connections Between Russian, U.S. Prison Systems”


March 2014 · American Physics Society March Meeting · Presentation, “Understanding the Cytoxicity of Permalloy Microdisks”


October 2013 · American Chemical Society Western Conference in Santa Clara · Poster, “Understanding the Cytoxicity of Permalloy Microdisks”