Off-Grid Solar Power

Solar power is a quiet, exhaust-free, and sustainable opportunity to power projects off-grid. I have worked on crews to power art projects, bands, and college events (yes, including parties!). Contact me if you have interest integrating solar into your life!

This photo was taken on Nuumu and many tribes’ ancestral and present homelands.
Snow Koan Solar at Burning Man

In 2016, I joined the Snow Koan Solar crew led by Charles Kunkle of Sustainable Solutions Partners. This array powered the entire Nectar Village (consisted of 3 camps), over 200 people, for the duration of the Burn. In addition to powering the village, art work in the deep playa was lit at night via off-grid solar power systems.

This photo was taken on Cahuillla, Tongva, Payomkawichum, and many tribes’ ancestral and present homelands.
Trapdoor Social Solar Trailer

Trapdoor Social wanted to take their music on the road in an environmentally-concious fashion, and so the SolTrailer was born. The Soltrailer has six panels each rated at 285 W. This means that it can generate 1.71 kW of energy an hour in direct sunlight, and with the installed inverter it’s output is 3.5 kWh. The band could play an entire set, with a light show, provide power support for other bands in the line-up, and still have power at the end of the night.

This photo was taken on Tongva, Cahuilla, Serrano, and many tribes’ ancestral and present homelands.
SolTrain at Pomona College

The SolTrain was created out of a need to provide power to Pomona College’s Organic Farm, which didn’t have any direct source of power on campus. With the SolTrain, the farm could access 570 kWh of power from the solar panels and from the battery bank/inverter system 1000 kWh. This project was done with support from the Pomona College Physics Department and Sustainability Integration Office. It powered numerous events on campus including, evening parties, daytime gatherings, farm events, and City of Claremont events.